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Ruger GP100 Match Champion with Adjustable ...

Jan 12, 20153 Comments

Strength, Simplicity and Ruggedness. Ruger GP100 double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. Their rugged, medium-sized frame and grip system permit repeated firings

New Lightweight Ruger SR1911 .45 For Concea...

Jan 08, 20151 Comment

Sturm, Ruger and Company has added a new SR1911 to its catalog, an attractive two-tone Commander-sized Series 70 pistol with a lightweight alloy frame for concealed-carry. The pistol

New Gear for a New Year: XD-S Essentials No...

Jan 06, 2015No Comments

Choosing a handgun for concealed carry doesn’t have to be a series of compromises anymore. The XD-S has forever changed what you can expect out

The Ruger Elite 452 MSR Trigger

Jan 06, 2015No Comments

The Ruger Elite 452 MSR trigger is the perfect upgrade for any Modern Sporting Rifle*. This new two-stage trigger offers a smooth, crisp, 4.5 lb.

New Auto-Ordnance 1911 U.S. Logo Wood Grip

Jan 02, 2015No Comments

This week, Auto-Ordnance released a brand new U.S. Logo Wood Grip for their 1911. The Auto Ordnance WWII 1911 is an excellent representation of the