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Liberty Ammunition Silverado .223 Rem Cartridges

Liberty Ammunition’s Silverado .223 R...

Dec 16, 2015No Comments

Liberty Ammunition’s Silverado .223 Rem Cartridges Receive High Marks from NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Program Liberty Ammunition’s lead-free .223 Rem 55 Grain rifle cartridge

Guns & Ammo Announces PolyCase ARX Amm...

Dec 10, 2015No Comments

SAVANNAH, Ga. PolyCase Ammunition, a company launched just over three years ago, has been named ‘Ammo of the Year’ by Guns & Ammo Magazine for

Liberty Ammunition

Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense .4...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments

Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense .45 ACP +P Round Receives NTOA Member Tested Recommended Status Liberty Ammunition’s lead-free .45 ACP +P 78 Grain personal defense round

NSSF Legislation

Traditional Ammo Protected Under New Law Ba...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments

Traditional Ammunition Gets Protection Under Newly-Signed Law Backed by NSSF NSSF Hails Enactment of Priority Legislation NEWTOWN, Conn.—The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) today hailed Congressional

Ammo Background Checks

Ammo Background Checks Suspended in N.Y.

Jul 17, 2015No Comments

From the NSSF: In a default victory for Empire State gun owners, background checks for ammunition purchases, a centerpiece in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s

AK-47 Mag Charger and Mag Charger Ammo Boxe...

Mar 23, 2015No Comments

Caldwell® Introduces Mag Charger Ammo Boxes Caldwell’s Mag Charger Ammo Box is optimized to drop ammo into the AR-15 and AK-47 Mag Chargers. The AR

Liberty Ammunition Puts a New Spin on the C...

Mar 19, 2015No Comments

The iconic Colt cartridge reengineered as a lead-free, high performance personal defense round. Liberty’s high-performance ammunition delivers approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal

ATF to Not Move Forward with 5.56 M855 Ammo...

Mar 10, 20151 Comment

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation today: ATF to Not Move Forward with 5.56 M855 Ammo Ban at This Time Will Review Record Number of Comments Submitted

Stop ATF’s Ammo Ban

Feb 27, 2015No Comments

ATF’s Ammo Ban BestGunReviews is obviously a supporter of your 2nd Amendment rights and infringement upon them in any way. With the BATFE’s move on

BATFE trying to outlaw .223 Ball Ammo by &#...

Feb 18, 2015No Comments

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Actually, not really. Leave it up to the current administration to work every angle they can- especially when then other angles say