Ruger Announces The All-New Ruger Redhawk

Jun 29, 2015No Comments

For Big Game Hunting, Think Big Bore Revolvers. The Ruger Redhawk revolver was Ruger’s first double-action revolver specifically designed for the powerful 44 Magnum cartridge.

Adaptive Tactical Firearms and Accessories ...

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Adaptive Firearms have announced that its firearms and accessories are now available in the Kryptek Highlander Camouflage pattern. “We are pleased to be partnered with Kryptek;

Stealth Cam GXW game camera now shipping!

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Stealth Cam GXW Grand Prairie, TX- Stealth Cam, introduced in the year 2000, quickly became the leader in scouting camera innovation. Continuing to advance technology to

Mission First Tactical Introduces TEKKO Met...

Jun 29, 2015No Comments

Mission First Tactical has announced the TEKKO Metal AR Free Float 13.5″ KeyMod Rail System (TMARFF13KRS). This all metal free float 13.5″ rail system allows secure mounting

New TCP with Wings from Taurus

Feb 11, 2015No Comments

Taurus has redesigned and re-engineered their new TCP pistol with wings to assist shooters with limited upper body strength or poor shooting technique. The new

All New CZ-805 Bren 2015

Feb 06, 2015No Comments

The 805 Bren is CZ’s answer to the need for a modular and reliable piston-operated selective-fire rifle. It is specifically built to switch between calibers

Winchester Repeating Arms Brings New Model ...

Jan 22, 2015No Comments

Winchester Repeating Arms Winchester Repeating Arms will now offer its SXP pump shotgun in 20-gauge models for 2015. A SXP Field 20-gauge and SXP Field

Glock Presents New G40-MOS at SHOT 2015

Jan 21, 2015No Comments

If you believe bigger is better, you are going to love where GLOCK innovative minds have been moving. At the 2015 SHOT Show Media Day

Ruger Introduces the Hawkeye FTW Predator R...

Jan 12, 2015No Comments

When Reliability, Versatility, Performance and Affordability are a Must. The Ruger Hawkeye FTW Predator rifle is designed to be an instant classic. Built with versatility, style

FN awarded $84.6 million machine gun contra...

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The U.S. Army awarded FN America a contract to build M240 machine guns and parts for four 1-year ordering periods with a total value not

New Gear for a New Year: XD-S Essentials No...

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Choosing a handgun for concealed carry doesn’t have to be a series of compromises anymore. The XD-S has forever changed what you can expect out

New Auto-Ordnance 1911 U.S. Logo Wood Grip

Jan 02, 2015No Comments

This week, Auto-Ordnance released a brand new U.S. Logo Wood Grip for their 1911. The Auto Ordnance WWII 1911 is an excellent representation of the