Challenge Targets Steel Target Giveaway from BestGunReviews

WINNER of the Challenge Targets & Best...

Apr 18, 20161 Comment

Congratulations to Ryan L. of Oxford, NJ for winning the Challenge Targets and BestGunReviews Giveaway! We’d like to thank our sponsor, Challenge Targets for providing the Stake-N-Shoot –

We have a WINNER for the MechArmor & B...

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Congratulations to BRIAN M. for winning the MechArmor and BestGunReviews Charging Handle Giveaway! We’d like to thank our sponsor, MechArmor Defense Systems for providing the

Challenge Targets & BestGunReviews

BestGunReviews Steel Target Giveaway

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*PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED* Hey BGR fans! Here is the second giveaway happening right now — What can I win?? Thanks to our

BestGunReviews BGR and MechArmor Charging Handle Giveaway

BestGunReviews AR-15/AR-10 Charging Handle ...

Jan 25, 20161 Comment

*PLEASE NOTE: THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED* Hey BGR fans! Our last giveaway was so successful, that we’re not doing one, but TWO more giveaways! So,

ClearArmor Shooters Hearing Protection Folding-Padded Ear Muffs Giveaway

BestGunReviews 2016 New Year Giveaway

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Hey BGR fans! We want to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for your support. So, we’re doing a 2016 New Year

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016 from BestGunReviews

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I have an idea. Let’s stop letting ourselves get divided by race, religion, income and politics. It’s called Divide & Conquer and has worked for

Happy Holidays from

Happy Holidays from BestGunReviews

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Happy Holidays and we hope that this is you on Christmas Morning! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and anything else we missed from all