TacOps-1 Charging Handles from MechArmor Defense Systems

Now  Available Exclusively from The York Company

The legendary TacOps-1 Charging Handles from MechArmor Defense Systems  

Why TacOps Charging Handles for your AR? 

  • The original ambidextrous charging handle
  • The only charging handle awarded the NTOA Gold Seal of Testing & Recommendation!
  • Endurance tested by Colt Defense to 10,000 rounds, with 0% failure and hardly a scratch to the coating
  • Listed on Colt’s exclusive Preferred Vendors List!
  • Made in USA
  • Available from The York Company at www.theyorkco.com

Success Story

“…let me thank you guys again for giving a **** about making this M4 changing handle upgrade damn near indestructible. Most people who don’t truly rely on their weapon to work every single time or potentially lose their life never think about having to think about how hard they are using that weapon under severe battle stress. Even while in training, and also in Iraq and Afghanistan I and others around me have, under stress, pulled the standard M4 charging handle a bit too hard and snapped the end off.

  Most people would not think about the charging handles strength or reliability as you guys have. Even I never thought about that little part until the first time I broke one, then I found the entire weapon to be no more than a useless club until an armorer could be found to replace it. That **** will not fly under fire. Recently, in Afghanistan we came under fire hard and forced to fall back into a Wadi after trucks were hit. Buddy in my sector of the hole was busy laying cover fire with me for other guys still falling back to our concealment. He was a fairly new guy and pretty amped up at the time. During a mag change he rolled over and ripped his charging handle back hard not thinking about it and wound up with half a handle in his right hand. I won’t bore you with more details. Suffice to say he was out of the fight until one of the wounded didn’t need his weapon for the moment. Fortunately, I had the TacOps-1 handle in my rifle for quite a while by that time. The moral of this story is, I have been so confident in your products strength and reliability, [soldier proof] as you guys correctly point out, that it is one major load off my mind not having to be overly aware of how hard and fast I change out mags under fire. As you know, most times confidence in U.S Army gear is hard enough to conjure up.”

1SG J. Hunt
3rd Batt, 75th Ranger Regiment

Not only is the TacOps-1 Charging Handle the original ambidextrous charging handle, it’s the most reliable ambidextrous charging handle design on the market.

It provides better mechanical advantage for weapon reliability, ease of use, and easy access for charging your weapons…including with optics and even gloved hands. They are fully ambidextrous, and provide ambidextrous design WITHOUT adding additional moving parts, springs, pins, etc. The TacOps design is the best and most reliable on the market, making it  “soldier-proof” and with attention-free function and reliability.

As proven by the U.S. Military Special Forces Operators and SWAT Teams nationwide using the TacOps-1 and receiving the highest honor Gold Seal from the National Tactical Officers Association of America (NTOA), it continues to be the most effective ambidextrous combat innovation specifically designed for the platform in many years. It’s not just another accessory, but a well thought out design that dramatically changes and enhances the way a soldier, Law Enforcement officer or sport shooter uses their weapon with or without with optics onboard.

TacOps Charging Handles have a Lifetime Warranty– even if broken in Military or Law Enforcement Combat Operations. Available in .223/5.56 and .308.

For more details or to locate a stocking dealer please see visit our website at www.theyorkco.com.


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