Ruger GP100 Match Champion with Adjustable Rear Sight

Strength, Simplicity and Ruggedness. Ruger GP100 double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. Their rugged, medium-sized frame and grip system permit repeated firings with minimal shooter fatigue.

Easy on the hand and budget, all GP100 revolvers boast solid steel sidewalls (no side-plates), and frame widths that are increased with extra steel in critical areas that support the barrel, making them rugged, reliable, and dependable.

GP100® Match Champion™ now available with an adjustable rear sight.

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  1. If max range for the 357 and 75 yards then what’s the point with having real adjustable sights I think I’ll go with the Novak sites

  2. is it better to have adjustable rear site ?? on ruger gp 100 match ….. or the novak rear site ..

    • I couldn’t say on this one. Not experienced enough with either of those.

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