Wilson Combat Rimfire Suppressor

New Wilson Combat WCR-22 Rimfire Suppressor

The Wilson Combat WCR-22 Rimfire Suppressor was designed with outstanding noise reduction, easy maintenance and impressive long term durability in mind.  This lightweight, ultra-quiet design will be equally effective at controlling sound on your rimfire rifle or pistol. 

The WCR-22 has a precision machined 7075 billet aluminum baffle core that is user removable for simple cleaning with the supplied wrench. The durable titanium tube easily handles full auto rimfire or .22 magnum level pressures.  

This hard-use rimfire suppressor sports impressive noise reduction using subsonic, standard and high velocity .22 rimfire ammunition due to its unique solid baffle design.

The WCR-22 is available in multiple Armor-Tuff ™ colors to match your firearm.


  • Outer Tube : Titanium
  • Core : 7075 Aluminum
  • Thread interface : 416 SS 
  • Outer Diameter : 1.0″
  • Overall Length : 6.0″ 
  • Thread Pitch : 1/2″x28
  • Weight : 4.2 oz

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