New Springfield 1911 Loaded with Crimson Trace Lasergrips

Back in the day, you had to make two purchases to obtain a top-notch 1911 pistol. The first was the gun itself. The second check went to your gunsmith, who set about performing a series of customizations to make that “new” gun sing.

Because Loaded doesn’t have to reflect the status of your wallet, Springfield Armory® has developed a family of 1911 pistols that already have the customizations that make a 1911 pistol great. We’ve already included things like ambidextrous thumb safeties, extended beavertail grip safeties with memory bumps, lightweight delta hammers, and extended triggers.

Because everyone’s definition of Loaded is a little different, we now offer six different models in the Loaded series, each with its unique set of features. Want to squeeze an extra round in the magazine? Check out the LB Operator®. Or maybe you prefer a more portable Loaded model? Take a look at the Lightweight Operator®. Its forged aluminum alloy frame shaves over one-half pound of weight. Prefer a traditional dust cover? Consider the Parkerized, Stainless Steel, and Crimson Trace® models. For more tactical roles, the Marine Corps Operator®, LB Operator®, and Lightweight Operator® offer Picatinny rails for accessory attachment.

New for 2016 is the 1911 Loaded Parkerized pistol with Crimson Trace® Lasergrips®. The low-profile grip replacements have no impact on holster selection, so choose your favorite Government size carry rig.

Like its siblings in the loaded series, the 1911 Loaded Parkerized pistol with Crimson Trace® Lasergrips® is a standard full-sized model, complete with a five-inch stainless steel match grade barrel. On this one, both frame and slide are forged from carbon steel and parkerized.

Whether you care about size, weight, accessories or finish, there’s a Loaded model with the same attention to detail we put into every one of our 1911’s that doesn’t require the same status in your wallet.


MAGAZINES: 2 – 7 Round
BARREL: 5″ Stainless Steel Match Grade / 1:16 LH
SIGHTS: 3-dot iron with white dots, front and rear
FRAME: Forged Carbon Steel, Parkerized
SLIDE: Forged Carbon Steel, Parkerized
HEIGHT: 5.5″
LENGTH: 8.6″
WEIGHT: 40 oz. w/ Empty Magazine


New Springfield 1911 Loaded w/ Crimson Trace LASERGRIPS


  1. My Springfield Armory 1911 has been my faithful bed mate for over 20 beautiful years. It gives me great comfort knowing she is right there if ever needed. I clean her up from time to time ensuring the functions are smooth and ready. I might buy her one of those crimson trace grips if they are as comfortable as the Pachmayr grips on her now.

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