Mass Shooting Response

Here they come for your guns…again

Yet another Mass Shooting with, and I quote, “The suspects were armed with long guns,” in San Bernadino, CA. It was reported that they had “AK-47 type” weapons. Very specific. I like “Long Guns” better. What kind of guns were they? Long ones. BIG, long ones. They were, like, really long guns.

And as usual for any national incidents that fit his gun control agenda, President Obama is quick to the punch:

“President Barack Obama restated his call for more gun control reforms in the wake of the mass shooting. Speaking to CBS News, Obama said Congress should act in a bipartisan manner to close loopholes, including one that allows people on the TSA no-fly list to legally purchase firearms.”

While we never condone mass shootings or irresponsibility for the mishandling of firearms or even firearms in the wrong hands, we also don’t condone that attack on the Second Amendment based on false premises. As usual, the attack will be waged on law-abiding, responsible gun owners.

To the people who lost their lives today, we feel for you and we hope the real culprit continues to come to the public’s eye.

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