Gamestalkers and LTFP Models Now With Black Barrels

9ffa5593-48d2-4423-a2c8-87fc10d3bcacCamo Pattern Stays the Same, But Barrels Will Now Be Black:

As a service to notify our dealer network and retail customers, Olympic Arms has made a change in the finish configurations of all of our camouflaged models.

Since their introduction in late 2009, the Olympic Arms Gamestalker rifles chambered in the Big Game worthy magnum WSSM and OSSM calibers, were camo-dipped with Kings Desert® pattern. This pattern covered all exterior components including the barrel. Later with the instruction of the GSG@ models (Gamestalkers in “deer” caliber such as 5.56, 6.8 Remington and 7.62×39), and the LTFP (Lightweight Tactical Predator Fluted) models, this camo coverage continued.

As of 1 March, 2015 this configuration has changed. While the original Kings Desert® camo pattern will continue, we will no longer be coating the barrels. Barrels from this point forward will be black – a black-oxide finish over stainless steel barrels, and mil-spec parkerizing over 4140 chromemoly steel barrels.

This decision was made after consideration of several factors. Firstly, we think it gives the rifles a better look. the back barrels will not interfere with the camouflage capabilities, and yet it adds a rugged look to the rifles. Secondly, it eliminates the possibility of barrel heat changing the camo pattern as excessive heat transfer can turn the camo coating darker. Lastly, it gives us the manufacturer more flexibility and increased speed in filling customer orders to better serve our entire customer base.

All new rifles will be produced in this manner, but some residual NOS rifles with coated barrels will be sold until those supplies are exhausted.

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We are always looking for better ways to serve our customers, and are always open to expand our product line to accommodate our customer needs, and industry trends. If you have any suggestions, please email us. We’d love to hear from you.

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