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Chiappa Rhino 20D Reviews

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Caliber Barrel Total Length Rifling Weight
RHINO 20D Black 357Mag 2″-5 cm 6″1/2-16,4 cm 6-1×19″ 0,7 kg-1,5 lbs

GRIPS: Small rubber grip (item 970.327) by all 2″ barrel versions; Wooden medium grip (item 970.319) by all 4″, 5″ and 6″ barrel versions.
FRONT SIGHT: Blade fluo (item 770.515) by all versions
REAR SIGHT: None by 2″ models; adjustable in windage and elevation (item 270.056) by all 4″ and 5″ models; FLUO adjustable in windage and elevation (item 270.059) by all 6″ models
MOONCLIPS: three monclips are included with each Rhino, together with a tool for easy removal of shells. Caliber .357 models can be used both with or without moonclips.
2″ barrel models include a brown leather holster.
The “Chrome” version is a special finish, in BRUSHED ELECTROLESS NICKEL

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