Beretta Shows Off Shotguns Released at SHOT Show 2015

The 2015 new Beretta shotgun offerings range from expensively exquisite models to everyday workhorses. In addition, an increasing number of smoothbores have been downsized to accommodate smaller-statured or younger shooters. It’s a very interesting year, and there’s a good chance you will find a new gun you like.


An array of new smoothbores, ranging from workhorse semi-autos to upper-level over/unders and a new side-by-side, enter theBeretta product line this year. The A300 Outlander ($775 to $875, depending on stock option) is a field-grade 12-gauge gas-operated-action semi-auto that handles 2¾ or 3-inch shells and is built on an aluminum-alloy receiver that results in a 7.1-pound empty weight. The 28-inch vent rib barrel uses the Beretta MC3 interchangeable choke tube system and features a front, metal bead sight. The stock is available in black synthetic, wood, or a Max-5 camo finish that also covers the metalwork.

The A400 Xtreme ($1,745 to $1,895) is a gas-operated 12-gauge built on an aluminum-alloy receiver that can handle all shells from 2 ¾- to 3½-inch. The vent-rib barrel selection includes 26-, 28-, and 30-inch models and uses the OBF-HP interchangeable choke tube system. Each comes with a fiber-optic front sight. The stock and forend are available in black synthetic, Max-5 camo, and Optifade KO finishes. The two camo finishes also cover all metalwork. The buttstock is equipped with a Micro-Core recoil pad with an adjustable-shim system, and the stock and forend feature overmolded grip panels. Empty weight is 7.8 pounds, and it ships with a carry case.

The A400 XPLOR Action ($1,550 to $1,750) is a slimmed-down version of the gas-operated A400 semi-auto design and is available in right or left-hand versions. Chambered for 12 gauge, it handles all 2 ¾- and 3-inch shells. The vent-rib barrels feature a fiber-optic front sight and uses the OBF-HP interchangeable choke tube system. Barrel lengths are 26, 28, and 30 inches. The receiver features a bronze finish, and the stock and forend are select, checkered walnut with Beretta’s Xtra-Grain technology with an oil finish. The buttstock wears a Micro-Core recoil pad and features an adjustable-shim system. Empty weight is a trim 6.7 pounds. The A400 XPLOR ships with a carry case.

The new 690 Field III ($3,495) is a high-end over/under chambered for 12-gauge and 3-inch shells. The oil-finished stock is grade 2.5+ walnut with checkered pistol grip and forearm. The forearm is a semi-beavertail with aluminum forend iron. The pistol grip is also available in a left-hand palm swell design, and the buttstock sports a Micro-Core 20mm recoil pad. The receiver features a double-top shoulder design and is roll-engraved with game scenes. Mechanically, the 690 Field III features adjustable extraction/ejection, a single selective trigger, and an automatic safety. Available in barrel lengths of 26 and 28 inches, it sports a 6x6mm flat ventilated rib with a front bead sight and uses the Optima-HP choke system. Tubes are supplied in C, IC, M, IM, and full. Average weight is 7.4 pounds.

The 12-gauge Beretta Silver Pigeon is well-known among competitive shooters and is a frequent visitor to the winner’s circle in international competition. For 2015, the 686 Silver Pigeon will make an appearance as a sub-gauge. The Silver Pigeon 1 Sporting Sub-Gauge ($2,899) will be available in 20 and 28 gauge, as well as .410, with the receiver scaled to gauge. All gauges feature 30-inch barrels (2 ¾-inch chambers in .410 and 28 gauge, 3-inch chambers in 20 gauge) with a wide sporting rib. They use the flush-mounted MobilChoke system. The wood is oil-finished Select Grade checkered walnut. The forearm is a Schnabel-style in 20-gauge, a rounded model in .410 and 28-gauge. The safety is the manual model preferred by competitive shooters, and the trigger is single selective. The buttstock is equipped with Beretta’s B-Fast Adjustable comb and a Micro-Core recoil pad.

Beretta 692

The new 692 over/under series in 12 gauge with 3-inch chambers is a major product launch, and incorporates the Beretta Steelium Plus barrel system that features a forcing cone lengthened to 360mm as opposed to the more-standard 65mm. Beretta claims the extended forcing cones produce better pattern performance, improved recoil reduction, and a decrease in muzzle rise. A wider receiver is also incorporated; it places more weight between the hands for improved handling. The Beretta B-Fast System is also included in the 692 series. The device allows a complete drop-and-cast adjustment with extreme ease and quickness. Additional features include a newly designed safety/barrel selector, replaceable locking shoulder, and a new opening lever. All 692 Series models also feature a select walnut stock with a hand-rubbed oil finish, Micro-Core recoil pad; manual safety; single, selective, adjustable trigger; tapered, ventilated rib with a mid-bead; and a Bradley-style front sight.

The new 692 Series will offer the following models: 692 Sporting ($3,520) with 30- or 32-inch barrels and a standard field comb (a left-hand model is also available); 692 Sporting with the B-Fast adjustable comb and 30-inch barrels ($3,870); and the 692 Skeet ($3,870) with the B-Fast comb in barrel lengths of 28 or 30 inches (left-hand models come with 30-inch barrels). The Sporting Series Models utilize the OCSP-HP interchangeable choke-tube system that includes M, IM, IC, C, and Skeet tubes. The Skeet Series models use the OBSK-HP package that includes M, IM, IC and two Skeet tubes.

A distinctly different addition to the 692 Series is the 692 American Trap (X-Trap). This over/under offers all the other features of the series but includes a B-Fast adjustable Monte Carlo buttstock and grade 2.5+ walnut stock with a rounded forearm. Other features are a large pistol grip and palm swell, a vented mid rib, Optima HP flush-fitting choke tubes, and a two-position adjustable one-inch-high rib.

Last, a newly designed side-by-side is also joining the Beretta family. The 486 Parallelo ($5,350) is built on a round-body action with the new Triblock barrel that provides the same feel as the demiblock barrel while providing more strength and eliminating visible welding lines. Beretta claims its new captive trigger group featuring leaf springs will provide a crisper trigger and faster lock time. It also will let shooters easily switch from automatic to manual extraction. The stock is Turkish walnut with a hand-rubbed oil finish and is available in two configurations: a pistol-grip buttstock with a beavertail forearm, and an English-style straight grip with a splinter forearm.

The 486 Parallelo will be available in 12- and 20-gauge with 3-inch chambers and 28-inch barrels that use the OBHFP-486 interchangeable choke tube system (F, IM, M, IC, and C tubes supplied). An additional 12-gauge version offers 30-inch barrels in fixed IC/Mod chokes. All feature a single selective trigger, 10×5.5 conic rib with a single, steel, bead front sight, and automatic safety.

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